Describe an activity you do to stay healthy. 

You should say:
what you do;
when you started doing it;
how much time you spend doing it;
and explain how this activity helps you stay healthy. 

I’m going to talk about my deep love of cycling by the beach. Since a lot of people in my town like to stay in shape (stay healthy/fit), the government built a walking and cycling path along the coastline. I should mention I live just a kilometer away from the beach, so I like to take full advantage of this. I just moved here 5 months ago from the mountains, so this is when I started taking part in this activity. Over the past year, I’ve put on loads of (a lot of) weight, so I’m always looking for ways to lose it. Cycling is one enjoyable way to do so, along with going to the gym. As it’s scorching (very hot) during summer days here in Florida, it’s better to exercise outdoors in the evening, so that’s when I take my bike out. Furthermore, the sunset, which gives a cotton candy colored sky is the perfect backdrop (background) to do exercise while enjoying nature. Cycling undoubtedly improves my mental and physical health. It has cardiovascular benefits as well as leg and core strengthening. It is effective in aiding (helping) in weight loss, as well. When it comes to mental health, it helps reduce my stress by spending time in nature, indulging in (enjoying) breaths of fresh air.


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